Italian food: quality Vs forgery

Arcadia University: chocolate tasting at Rizzati factory, Ferrara, Italy (photo:A. Corbino, 2010)

In some European countries like France, Spain and, of course, my Italy food is everything: it’s culture, business, family, art, a way of life… it’s a religion.

In Europe farming has contributed over the centuries to creating and maintaining a unique countryside. Agricultural land management has been a positive force for the development of the rich variety of landscapes and habitats. The ecological integrity and the scenic value of landscapes make rural areas attractive for the establishment of enterprises, for places to live, and for the tourist and recreation businesses. In Europe, places matter! ( …)

Geographic origin is especially important for Italy, that is the European country with the most PDO and PGI registered products (237, about 30% of the total). Developing these products requires raising awareness about the historical, cultural and social heritage of our country. Protecting our products is essential to remain competitive in the global marketplace; it requires products with unique features and very high quality   (…)

The Italian sounding products world market (false made in Italy food products) is estimated to worth 60 billion euros / year. The forgery of products has increased in last years, putting millions of jobs at risk and threatening the reputation of many geographical areas. They not only represent a false guarantee for foreign consumers but above all cause serious damage to our country’s producers: more than 60 billion euros means more than half the total value of Italian agricultural and food production and 2 and a half  times more than Italy’s exports in this sector (23 billion euros) (….)

To learn more about: quality labels, forgery, organic farming, wine industry, grassroots organizations fighting for healthy food and fair markets, organized crime  illegally dumping tons of toxic waste in the countryside, ecc… you can download the following pdf: Italy, food industry and forgery 2012

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