Napoli taxi fares

naples taxi tariffsIn order to increase the information and transparency of taxi fares, Napoli city council has recently displayed the different prices along the waiting line at the local (Capodichino) airport. This – they say – should provide the tourists with more “sure” information  and at the same time it should discourage those (few) taxi drivers who might have the need to save their families from starvation and take advantage of the clients. Frankly I don’t understand why: it’s for sure another waste of public money because this, of course, would never happen in Napoli, since here the taxi drivers are 100% all true gentlemen and no problems of any sort have ever been reported.

Along with the fixed tariffs (which are all-inclusive), tourists should be aware of the basic taxi fares regulation approved by the City Council. Here it is the official tariff table approved by Napoli City Council in 2013.

Finally, remember  the 6 most important rules when taking a taxi in Napoli: 1) always take official cabs (white with a big number on the door); official taxis at airoport and main stations are waiting outisde in line;  2) the driver must switch  the taxi-meter on (not with fixed tariffs) in the moment he starts the engine;  3) they will love it if you ask them about the history and arts of the city: almost all the Neapolitan taxi drivers are very educated in these fields (most of them have paid to attend special courses at the University, where they have proven to know more than professors) and they are generally fluent at least in English  and sometimes also in French, German or Spanish; 4) do NOT tip them for any reason, never! you will hurt their pride; 5) for the same reason, try to pay with the exact amount (i.e.: 12,35 euros) because they would feel very guilty if they could not give you the exact change; 6)  ask them to pay with credit card AND ask them an official receipt.

In case (almost impossibile) you are not convinced by the money request or anyother behaviour of your driver, remember that you can calmly discuss with them, ask the people in the street to support you, and even refuse paying, while calling the local police or State Police (emergency tel 112) to settle things down. They will just love it!

Enjoy (walking) in Napoli, the most surprising city in the world… and its metro and funiculars!





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